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【ATAMI Sekaie's Gentle Fasting】

Gentle Fasting is a new style of stay presented by ATAMI Sekaie, offering its quality Japanese cuisine with macrobiotic elements.

With Gentle Fasting, you can receive various benefits even in a short time from eating meals that are less of a burden on your internal organs than regular meals.
The menus are prepared with originality and ingenuity by chefs specializing in Japanese cuisine to amuse not only your palate but also eyes.

【Recommended for those who:】
  • are concerned with their health due to an irregular lifestyle.
  • are troubled with skin disorders and constipation.
  • want to lose weight but want to avoid strict diet restrictions.
  • want to find a new self.
  • are interested in macrobiotics.
【Gentle Fasting is expected to be effective for the following.】

(Please note that the efficacy differs from person to person.)

  • Boost immunity
  • Improve function of internal organs
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Treat skin disorders and constipation
  • Recovery from fatigue

Fasting = Raising the ability of natural recovery through painless, no-stress, easy-on-body fasting while enjoying Japanese cuisine with the elements of macrobiotics using natural ingredients as well as Izusan hot springs.

【Recommended time schedule for the gentle fasting】
  1. Day1

    Nature & Health Walk
    Half-body bathing is recommended before the lesson.
    Break / Bath
    Bedtime (Try the breathing method before going to bed)
  2. Day2

    Personal yoga lesson
    Break / Bath
    Break / Bath(Half-body)
    Bedtime (Try the breathing method before going to bed)
  3. Day3

    Enjoy the last day as you like

Safety precaution

People with the following conditions may not participate.

Any person who is pregnant/undergoing diabetes treatment/wishing to recover from an illness/wishing to go completely without food/suffering or recovering from illness

【Supervisors of the gentle fasting】
  • Ikuzo Fujino藤野 幾三Kiryu Danjiki Dojo (Kiryu Fasting School)
    Providing fasting instruction since 2003, currently serves as a representative of Atami Danjiki Dojo (Atami Fasting School).
  • {"ja":"Naoya Yashiro","en":"Naoya Yashiro","ct":"Naoya Yashiro","cs":"Naoya Yashiro"}

    Naoya Yashiro八代 直也Trainer for Finest Conditioning
    Our trainer provides conditioning to about 1,500 athletes from elementary school students to professional athletes every year. They provide guidance on everything for maintaining the best condition, from meals adjusted to physical and mental condition to body movement.
  • {"ja":"Daisuke Saito","en":"Daisuke Saito","ct":"Daisuke Saito","cs":"Daisuke Saito"}

    Daisuke Saito斉藤 大輔
    Type of yoga: Mindfulness yoga
    Experience and qualification: Instructor of power yoga, yin yoga, and mindfulness meditation

    Through meditational poses and breathing, this practice heals physical fatigue and relieves the mind.
    The relaxing lesson will alleviate daily stress and allow participants to further enjoy their trip.
  • {"ja":"Masami","en":"Masami","ct":"Masami","cs":"Masami"}

    Type of yoga: (Authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) Life advisory yoga
    Experience and qualification:
    Acquired qualification to instruct life advisory yoga, which is useful for families as well as child-rearing, at Family Yoga in Tokyo.
    Opened classes in and around Atami.

    Away from busy everyday life, enjoy time for yourself by releasing your body and mind with yoga!
    May you lead a healthy and happy life.
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