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AboutATAMI Sekaie

    What is
    ATAMI Sekaie

    A new haven with an ocean breeze.
    Overlooking the deepest blue Pacific Ocean connected with the world.

    Each room is set with an open-air bath overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
    The room allows guests to admire the sun rising from the ocean horizon, paths of moonlight extending along the ocean at night, and ever-changing scenes of the ocean unique to the season, time of day, or weather.
    The bath is filled with Izusan hot spring water that has been long enjoyed as water for longevity.
    It warms you slowly while you feel the ocean breeze.

    There is a restaurant in each of the two buildings at Sekaie.
    Guests can enjoy kaiseki cuisine prepared with select seasonal ingredients at Japanese Restaurant TSUKUSHI in Sekaie Building, and nouvelle no-genre cuisine at Meat Restaurant 1SHIO(HITOSHIO) in Sekaie Tsuki no Michi Building.

    Sekaie has more to offer.
    Guests can experience programs covering yoga, walking, light fasting, and other activities, get in shape both physically and mentally at the personal conditioning salon, or even hold training sessions or meetings. Various programs and facilities are in place to accommodate requests.


    Different room types and meals are available at Sekaie Building and Sekaie Tsuki no Michi Building.
    Please select your desired building upon reservation.

    • Sekaie Building

      • Ocean View Suite
      • Ocean View Superior
      • Dining at Japanese Restaurant TSUKUSHI
    • Sekaie Tsuki no Michi Building

      • Ocean View Penthouse TSUKI NO MICHI(With services of a dedicated chef and butler)
      • Ocean View Penthouse KUMO NO NAMI
      • Ocean View Suite TSUKI NO MICHI
      • Ocean View Premium TSUKI NO MICHI
      • Dining at Meat Restaurant 1SHIO(HITOSHIO)

    For more information on the facilities at ATAMI Sekaie, please see Facilities below.

    【Floor Map】

    ATAMI Sekaie consists of two buildings, the Sekaie building and Sekaie Tsuki no Michi Building. As each has different facilities, please check the floor map.

    Atami Sightseeing

      • Izusan Shrine Photo

        Izusan Shrine Map

        【01.Izusan Shrine】

        Izusan Shrine is the origin of the area name "Izu." Overlooking the ocean enveloping Izu and Sagami, this place soothes people's minds with seasonal colors and birdsong.

        708-1 Izusan, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0002

        • Hashiriyu (Running hot spring) Photo

          Hashiriyu (Running hot spring) Map

          【02.Hashiriyu (Running hot spring)】

          "Hashiriyu" facing the ocean is one of the three oldest and largest hot springs in Japan. Discovered about 1,300 years ago, it acquired its name from the way the hot water gushes from the mountains and races down, plunging to the coast as if running.

          604-10 Izusan, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0002

          • Kinomiya Shrine Photo

            Kinomiya Shrine Map

            【03.Kinomiya Shrine】

            Kinomiya Shrine worships the largest camphor tree in mainland Japan, aged over 2,000 years. It is particularly popular for bringing good fortune and luck.

            43-1 Nishiyama-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0034

            • Kiunkaku Villa Photo

              Kiunkaku Villa Map

              【04.Kiunkaku Villa】

              With over 100 years of history, Kiunkaku was once a second home admired as one of the top three villas in Atami. It is now open to the public, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of lifestyles it once housed.

              4-2 Showa-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0022

              • Atami Baien (Plum Garden) Photo

                Atami Baien (Plum Garden) Map

                【05.Atami Baien (Plum Garden)】

                Atami Baien is famous for plum blossoms that bloom earlier than any other in Japan as well as the longest-lasting autumn foliage. Visitors can enjoy over 50 varieties of plum trees including those over 100 years old.

                8-11 Baiencho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0032

                • Atamizakura (Atami cherry blossoms) and Itogawa River Promenade Photo

                  Atamizakura (Atami cherry blossoms) and Itogawa River Promenade Map

                  【06.Atamizakura (Atami cherry blossoms) and Itogawa River Promenade】

                  Atamizakura are said to be the earliest to bloom in Japan and peak around January and February every year. The annual cherry blossom festival held along the Itogawa River running through the center of the city displays beautifully illuminated cherry blossoms at night.

                  3-17 ginza-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0015

                  • MOA Museum of Art Map

                    【07.MOA Museum of Art】

                    Built on a high hill overlooking Atami, MOA Museum of Art allows visitors to enjoy stunning views from the main lobby. The museum boasts a collection of around 3,500 pieces of art including national treasures and important cultural properties, and holds feature exhibitions as well.

                    26-2 Momoyama-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-8511


                  269-1 Izusan, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0002
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                  【Access from major cities】

                  Transportation service to/from Atami Station available with our car or private taxi (Reservation required).

                  • By Car

                    From Tokyo (about 1h 50min)
                    Tokyo → (Tomei Expressway) → Atsugi I.C. → Odawara Atsugi Road → R135

                    From Nagoya (about 3h 30min)
                    Nagoya → (Tomei Expressway) → Numazu I.C. → Nekkan Road

                  • By Railway

                    From Tokyo (1h)
                    Tokyo Station → (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) → Atami Station

                    From Nagoya (2h)
                    Nagoya Station → (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) → Atami Station

                  【For more information, please see the relevant pages. 】

                  【Reservation Page】

                  Small Luxury Resort Reservation CenterTel : 0570-0117-22
                  ( domestic calls only, Navi Dial charges apply,
                  hours:10am-20pm )