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    Quality Japanese cuisine that fuses hospitality into traditional cookery.

    Guests are introduced to the new dining style only we can offer.
    A world yet to be realized.

    【Enjoy different cuisine at the two buildings.】

    At ATAMI Sekaie, guests can enjoy different types of meals depending on the building in which they are staying.
    Japanese cuisine is served at Sekaie Building and meat dishes at Sekaie Tsuki no Michi Building.
    Please select your desired building upon reservation.

    Penthouse Tsuki no Michi is equipped with a private kitchen where a dedicated chef and butler serve guests.
    Altogether, 12 seats, 6 bar seats, and 6 table seats may be used for dining with friends staying in other guestrooms.


    Sekaie Building

    Japanese Restaurant TSUKUSHI
    Savor Cuisine While Gazing at the Vast Pacific Ocean.
    Enjoy quality Japanese food at a venue with an open atmosphere and facing the ocean.
    Different menus are offered every month, prepared with ingredients typical of the season.
    Hours :
    Dinner: 18:00 - 20:30 (start time)
    Breakfast: 8:00 - 10:00 (start time)
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    【Various preparations are available to accommodate the requests of guests. 】

    Halal Certified
    Japanese Restaurant TSUKUSHI has acquired local halal certification by clearing various strict standards. Complying with the original concept of halal, which places importance on food being healthy, safe, clean, highly nutritious, and high in quality, TSUKUSHI serves excellent-quality ingredients in a kaiseki style.

    Carbohydrate Control
    Low-carb dishes for diners who wish to improve their health.

    We prepare dishes that retain the deliciousness of Japanese cuisine using limited ingredients. Please inquire in advance about our measures for handling food allergies.

    Menus linked to the programs of SEKAIE. We prepare food that fits the program and is also delicious under the supervision of professionals.

    Sekaie Tsuki no Michi Building

    Meat Restaurant 1SHIO (HITOSHIO)
    New genres of cuisine that can only be appreciated in person.
    Completely private spaces divided by partitions and maintaining a feeling of openness with a view of the ocean.
    With the best ingredients delivered from across the nation, we serve new genres of cuisine that can only be appreciated in person.
    Hours :
    Dinner: 18:00 / 19:30 (start time)
    Breakfast: 8:00 - 10:00 (start time)
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    【For more information, please see the relevant pages. 】

    【Reservation Page】

    Small Luxury Resort Reservation CenterTel : 0570-0117-22
    ( domestic calls only, Navi Dial charges apply,
    hours:10am-20pm )