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Walking Method Lesson

【Experience you will gain from this program】

The lesson starts with 300 steps each day.
While checking your body condition, focus on yourself and lightly loosen your body. Our program introduces a walking form that lightens your footsteps.
Walk with a different posture, and at only 300 steps a day, you will grow beautiful and healthy from the inside


Limited to one group per day

This is an original program for refreshing offered only at ATAMI Sekaie.

Time: 16:00-17:00
If you prefer other time frames, please inquire.

Walking Method 

  • 【Personal Counseling】

    Posture, walking form, distortion, muscle strength, foot age, flexibility, hip balance, etc.

  • 【Customized Lesson Programs】

    • Method for a beautiful posture
    • Basic walking technique
    • Walking technique with heels (advanced)
    • Stretches to make the body lithe and beautiful
    • Antigravity muscle exercise to maintain body shape
    • Recipe for beautiful legs
    • Breathing method for toning the body and mind to achieve quality sleep
    • Anti-aging
  • 【Personalized Lessons】

    We also offer a customized lesson program depend on your request.

60 minutes ¥19,800 (for one group)
※Only by advance reservation.
  • {"ja":"Ai Minowa","en":"Ai Minowa","ct":"Ai Minowa","cs":"Ai Minowa"}

    Ai Minowaみのわあい。Walking technique instructor
    Our walking technique instructor is active across the nation, conducting lectures and training under the theme of "health of mind and body." She also appears in the media and writes columns, among other activities.
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Please ask in advance.
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